Social media users label A Girl & Her Guard Dog anime as “pedophilia”

A Twitter account that uploaded the first trailer for anime “A Girl and her Guard Dog” caused Twitter’s most vile denizens to throw a tantrum over the show featuring an age gap romance.

A Girl and her Guard Dog (also known as “Ojou to Banken-kun“) features a romance between a 26-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl, with the man acting as a parental guardian for her since she was 5.

As indicated by countless instances in the past, Twitter users are insistent that liking underage anime characters is akin to pedophilia, so such a story as this one is also deemed verboten in their minds (even though it is fiction).

Here’s the new trailer for the anime:

The tweet that shared the anime trailer was laden with disgruntled comments labeling the anime everything from “pedophilia” to “grooming”.

Comments of all kinds:

A Girl & Her Guard Dog airs on September 29th via Japanese TV networks.



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