Social media users outraged with Sarada’s new outfit in Boruto manga


Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the Naruto series, tweeted new designs for two characters in his sequel manga series Boruto, and group of Twitter addicts were disgusted with Sarada’s sexy new look.

Boruto is a continuation of Naruto that focuses mostly on the children of the previous main characters, and also has a theme around ninjas.

Sarada, the love child of two main characters from the Naruto series, got a new outfit along with main character Boruto. While her design was mostly praised, some Twitter degenerates labeled Kishimoto a “pedophile” over her new outfit.

Here’s the tweet from Kishimoto’s Twitter account sharing the new designs of Sarada and Boruto:

As per usual, there were online individuals who couldn’t differentiate reality and fiction that were absolutely disgusted with Sarada’s new design.

Some even called Kishimoto (as well as the manga’s illustrator, Mikio Ikemoto) a “pedophile”, a claim stemming from the fact that Sarada is “underage”, despite being a fictional character.

Some sample comments from people unsatisfied with Sarada:



Such moments are highly predictable considering Twitter is populated with “people” obsessed with virtue signaling to make themselves look as if they are “right and just” (even though they are usually the ones with skeletons in the closet).

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