Super Mario Bros. Wonder makes full use of Nintendo’s young talent

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the latest mainline Mario game from Nintendo and almost everything is new.

There’s a new aesthetic, new power ups, and even a new voice actor for everyone’s favorite mustachioed plumber.

According to a new interview with industry veteran Takashi Tezuka, he spoke about how younger developers helped to refresh the franchise.

“When looking at creating a new Mario, we actually went ahead and brought in a lot of younger people into our staff,” Tezuka said to Game Informer (via VGC). “They’re, of course, developers, but they’re also people who enjoy playing games, and so they wanted to create something that they themselves would enjoy as players. We got a lot of different ideas and different thoughts from as many people as we could within that group.”

Tezuka praised the forward way of thinking his younger peers had and how they’re “not too preoccupied with ‘It was this way, so we must do it this way’.”

This isn’t the first time that younger developers have helped to shake things up at Nintendo. Splatoon, one of Nintendo’s newest successful franchises, was developed by a younger team.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to launch for Nintendo Switch on October 20th.



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