Super Mario Bros. Movie finally reveals Chris Pratt’s attempt at a guido accent

Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo and Illumination shared another trailer for their Super Mario Bros. movie, this time revealing Chris Pratt’s attempt at a guido or Italian accent.

While the initial casting for the legendary Italian plumber with Pratt had some concerned, it got more confusing when they firmly stated he wouldn’t attempt the accent throughout the film.

Virtually all of Mario’s incarnations have been voiced by the iconic Charles Martinet, who always does what is now considered Mario’s “voice”, as an Italian American.

The new trailer shown this past week finally reveals the little bit of the Italian accent Pratt is willing to attempt, it seems. Here’s the new trailer:

The new Super Mario Bros. movie clip shows Toad and Mario wandering around a Mushroom Kingdom marketplace, until they make their way to Princess Peach’s castle.

Most of the clip doesn’t actually have Pratt saying words, like the games it’s mostly his auditory responses to things or being knocked silly while flying through his first warp pipe.

“Here ya go” he says to one of the toadstools while handing a coin back to them. Later he says “Ok so these bricks are just floating here” while traversing floating blocks.

Then after Toad enters the warp pipe, Mario says “Oh wow, love these pipes” before getting sucked into the pipe himself.

Reiterating what the movie producers said earlier, it’s clear Pratt isn’t going all in on emulating a guido accent, which is a shame, though you can here little bits of it in these lines.

In case you missed it, you can find the second trailer here and the first trailer here.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to premiere on April 28 in Japan and April 7 in North America

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