Stellar Blade has gone gold and is ready for release

Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade has officially “gone gold” and is ready for release!

In the gaming industry, having “gone gold” means the game has reached the state where there’s a “gold master copy” that represents the finished product (although that doesn’t mean it can’t be updated later).

SHIFT UP really brought things down to the wire after previous delays and an anticipated release date of April 26.

Stellar Blade is the upcoming action game from Nikke developer SHIFT UP. The title has been praised by gamers for its unapologetic fanservice and willingness to be transgressive in the face of recent industry trends.

One industry trend the game is following is its $70 price point, however in this case SHIFT UP is offering a full game without microtransactions. Despite not having microtransactions, players who purchase the Digital Deluxe edition of the game will receive cosmetic “Stargazer” outfits for Adam, Eve, Lily, and even a customization for their drone.

Stellar Blade is an upcoming PS5 exclusive action RPG. Players take on the role of Eve, a warrior from an off-world colony who returns to Earth to fight humanity’s enemies the Naytibas. She’ll be supported by Adam and Lily to protect the last human city Xion (anyone else noticing biblical themes?).

With Stellar Blade basically done (for now), SHIFT UP is already looking to their next project and recently began hiring for a AAA Urban Sci-Fi ARPG.

Stellar Blade is set to launch for PlayStation 5 on April 26.



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