Stellar Blade won’t have microtransactions or hidden fees

Stellar Blade

A common practice nowadays with modern games is to piecemeal content out as DLC or microtransactions. A new interview confirms Stellar Blade won’t have any of this nonsense.

The new interview for Stellar Blade was held recently, confirming not only is the game being sold as a complete package (at the new $70 price, though), it won’t have hidden content or fees that tend to annoy players.

“If we accidentally miss something or are lacking something, we’ll fix it after launch,” SHIFTUP CEO Kim Hyung Tae said to Ruliweb (via Pushsquare). “We don’t want people who come in later to experience any inconvenience, so we’ll do balance patches to make it more enjoyable for those who start early. We’re not sure if we’ll be releasing DLC, but we’re working on free updates like additional outfits.”

He added, “We want to make it clear at this point that Stellar Blade will not require gamers to spend any additional money beyond what they paid for the package. The only exception to this is if we create collaborative costumes with third-party IPs, those may be sold for a fee. Also, there is no New Game+ in the launch version, but that will be coming very soon.”

This decision is a complete reversal of another recent big release, Dragon’s Dogma 2, which launched alongside a bunch of optional DLC and what some consider microtransations. This led to the game being widely panned by fans simply over its DLC, entirely separate from actual commentary on the game itself.

Stellar Blade is set to launch for PlayStation 5 on April 26th.

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