Stealth shooter Blood West gets trailer for Chapter 3

Blood West

Chapter 3 brings Stephen L. Russell, better known as Garret in the Thief series, or Corvo Attano from Dishonored, as the voice of Blood West‘s main character.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

The team at Hyperstrange is excited to announce that the iconic voice actor Stephen L. Russell joins the cast as the game’s playable marauder! Stealth, horror, immersive sim, and FPS all combine to make an interesting package, made even more special by a legendary addition. Let the man himself speak to you about his role in this nightmare and catch a new look at the final chapter of Blood West.

The next part of Blood West’s story is coming up later this year when the full game launches on December 5. It will be your time to explore the mountains as our cursed gunslinger, a region even deadlier than the mines and the swamp. New monstrosities show their face for the first time today, hoping your bones rattle with anticipation.

Stephen L. Russel is known for his stellar work as Garrett in the Thief games, Corvo in Dishonored 2, and Nick Valentine in Fallout 4. His voice adds a new layer to the wicked scenarios of Blood West, where our gunslinger will be heard commenting on the many trinkets, contraptions and messed-up looking beings he encounters. “With elements of challenging gameplay and stealth mechanics, I am thrilled to be part of it. And I hope you will be too!”, says Stephen in a new announcement video.

Blood West is an immersive wild west FPS where, as a revenant desperado, you take on the twisted demons and eldritch horrors, while you search for the means to end the curse that has befallen the frontier, and maybe find some peace for your wicked soul. One quest after another, the spirits of the land will lead you towards even greater challenges. And whatever your path may be – things will get rough. For hell is empty and all the devils are here!

Blood West is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).



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