Starfield playerbase plummets about 90% in roughly 4 months


Users online have found that the once highly anticipated Starfield has lost its extremely high amount of players, losing about 90% in almost 4 months.

A thread on Reddit revealed that Starfield‘s all-time peak was 330,723 players about 4 months ago, and that the current active player count is now a measly 14,000 (10,000 at the time of writing).

The user also compared these statistics with Bethesda’s previous RPGs Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, both of which are more than five years old and still have a higher active player count:

In comparison, here’s Starfield‘s average player counts for the last few months:

It’s usually common for games to lose active players over time, especially when they’re single player and players finished the game, or if it’s not to their tastes.

However, to lose 90% of players in 4 months could be considered disastrous when you consider how much money was invested into the AAA game.

Despite mixed receptions, Bethesda is quite hopeful the game will become a hit like Skyrim, and have touted more content and many updates for the game.

Starfield is available now on Windows PC (via Steam) and Xbox Series X|S. Check out our review here!

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