Starfield mod replaces flashlight with Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Starfield

Starfield modders continue to give the people what they want. This time, a new mod replaces the flashlight texture with the stretched out face of Nicolas Cage.

Just a few days ago we had players adding Ryan Gosling as a playable character, now it’s Nicolas Cage’s turn to take the spotlight (literally).

Nicolas Cage has enjoyed renewed success after a stint of doing experimental and indie films such as Pig and Willy’s Wonderland in 2021.

Cage appears to be leveraging his eccentric popularity and recently became a playable character in Dead by Daylight.

You can get the Nicolas Cage Starfield flashlight mod from NexusMods here.

Starfield is the latest anticipated Bethesda game, with The Elder Scrolls VI being a long ways off.

Starfield is set to launch on September 6th on Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S but is available now for some buyers.

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