Xbox Series X sales skyrocket over 1000% on Amazon thanks to Starfield

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X sales have skyrocketed on top retailer Amazon – and it’s thanks to Bethesda’s big new RPG, Starfield.

As people have known since gaming consoles have existed, there can be game releases that are so anticipated that they can help drive sales for a particular console if they’re exclusive to that console. And while Starfield is also available on PC, that is still the case when it comes to the Xbox Series X.

A user on Twitter/X found that on Amazon’s “movers and shakers” sales charts, the Xbox Series X managed to leap up hundreds of spots up the chart thanks to an increase of 1,056% in sales. This being last week ahead of the launch of Starfield.

The momentum has kept up for the console too in the days following as we approach the game’s official launch date. While it was at 32nd place when they made note of it, the console is now 15th on the top selling list as of this writing.

While this is good news for Microsoft and their console has been in last place in the gaming console race, they likely do hope they can continue to keep up this pace with more exclusive game launches in the coming months.

Starfield is set to launch on September 6th on Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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