Square Enix Fully Lifts Restrictions on Dragon Quest Livestreaming, Videos, and More in Japan

Square Enix Fully Lifts Restrictions on Dragon Quest Livestreaming

Game publishers and developers that restrict and even block content creators from livestreaming, broadcasting, and sharing various contents from a video game has been a hot button issue. Many publishers have outright banned the broadcasting of said contents from a game. Now, Square Enix has fully lifted the ban on Dragon Quest series creator content.

Previously, the company had somewhat strict restrictions for the Dragon Quest series, even specifying different restrictions on each game. Now, they’ve lifted the ban on creator coverage in Japan, even going as far as letting creators finally discuss the ending of the games in the series, including the latest – Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

It’s worth noting the allowance of the discussion of a game’s ending was only lifted “after a certain period of time since its release and distribution,” suggesting future Dragon Quest games could possible have similar restrictions to prevent spoilers being shared rampantly.

Monetization on video content is seemingly allowed now as well, with Square noting official video sharing sites like YouTube and Nico Nico Douga that have signed a license agreement for music with the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors of Music (JASRAC) are ok for video content and monetization.

Other publishers like Atlus have also previously set strict restrictions on what you can and cannot show online from their games, only to later ease up those same restrictions and let fans put out video and livestreams.

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