Sony Increased PS4 Production in Response to PS5 Shortages

Sony Increased PS4 Production

While it still remains nearly impossible to get a current-generation Microsoft or Sony game console, we’ve learned Sony increased PS4 production in response to the ongoing PS5 shortages.

The news that Sony increased PS4 production comes via a new report (via Bloomberg), which notes Sony planned to shut down PS4 production later in 2021 (which they officially deny), but ongoing chip shortages have made it harder for them to produce the PS5, their current flagship console.

Previous reports suggested Sony had discontinued all but the standard PS4 model in Japan – this new report claims Sony has decided to continue producing the PlayStation 4 through 2022 as they can still make them. Plus, the console is cheaper than its successor, so it’s likely they’ll still sell a good number of consoles while no one can buy the PS5.

There has been some government push for some kind of alternative to semiconductor production to finally be taken outside of China and/or Taiwan, but most of the chip producers and even game companies are still saying shortages will continue into 2022 and beyond.

If you still haven’t made the jump to a PS4 or an Xbox One, there’s solace in the fact that any games you buy for those platforms will play on the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. Alternatively, you could also get the Xbox Series S – which has remained steadily available despite shortages because it’s somewhat of a mid-powered variation in comparison.

Between the Xbox Series S playing all next-gen games (some have performance limitations because of it’s mid-powered hardware) and Microsoft aggressively pursuing backwards compatibility, it could be something to consider as an alternative. Or, you could also get a gaming PC and be able to play everything forever (unless you want old DOS games, those take finagling).

Do you own both a previous generation console and the latest, or have you been unable to get them due to shortages? Or are you perhaps one of our PC gamer readers? Sound off in the comments below!


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