Nintendo President Warns Switch Shortages Could Continue to 2022

Switch Shortages Could Continue

Bad news for late adopters – Nintendo Switch shortages could continue into 2022, news coming from their president this week.

The news that Switch shortages could continue was suggested by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, who made end of year comments (via kyoto-np.co.jp) regarding the ongoing supply chain issues and semiconductor shortages.

“We cannot say that we were able to supply enough to meet the demand after Black Friday,” Furukawa said.

Back in November, Nintendo lowered their sales forecast for the Nintendo Switch from 25.5 million units at the beginning of the fiscal year down to 24 million units. If supply chains remain an issue in 2022, they’ll likely have to alter future sales forecasts as they just can’t reach demand.

Furukawa analyzed their year-end sales and noted that sales were favorable overall though, and focused on the new OLED Switch model, which launched in early October 2021.

The Nintendo president also noted that the supply chain issues have not subsided in the United States but they were able to ramp up a bit for Black Friday, and Europe began heavily using rail transport to aid in their supply chains.

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