Sonic Superstars adds Denuvo, requires Epic Games login

Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstar sneakily added in some last minute requirements to play the latest 2D platformer on Steam, including logging in to Epic Online Services.

It’s not unheard of for games to sneakily add in a Denuvo disclaimer to their store page given the bad press the DRM service attracts. What is weird is for a game to require access to another online storefront, and also to not be up front about it.

When Electronic Arts brought most of their library back to Steam, it unfortunately came with the caveat that players would need to install and run their proprietary Origin software. It’s unfortunate, but both Steam and EA were upfront about it.

Now for some reason SEGA is requiring users to log in to “Epic Online Services” in order to play the game.

The surprising requirement has led to the game receiving a mixed rating (at the time of writing) on Steam, with many comments complaining about the EGS requirement.

One of the “Most Helpful” reviews on Steam explains that the Epic Games requirement can be circumvented just by clicking out of it, but we’ve yet to verify this independently.

Sonic Superstars Steam EGS

It’s worth mentioning that the game doesn’t necessarily require users to install the Epic Games Store, however it allegedly asks them to create an account in order to use basic features like multiplayer through Epic services.

Sonic Superstars is available now, across Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PS4, and PS5. Check out our hands-on preview for the game!

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