Snowbreak: Containment Zone potential new features include more “interactable” bed

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The developers of Snowbreak: Containment Zone had a late-night livestream at 3AM local time with many members of the development team.

Most of the ideas discussed were about the feedback players had given them on their latest patch, which included a brand new character and new permanent game mode.

The team also posted a summery of it for those who didn’t view the stream here. Thanks to a user on Reddit, this list was translated for the English speaking audience.

Aside from adjusting the strength of the new character and rebalancing difficulty, they also stated potential new skins to be added in the game, such as school girl uniforms and wedding dresses for the playable cast.

Beyond appearances the team also included some small gameplay features for the game’s dorm system, which also included making the bed more “interactable” with a reference to a popular fanwork as an idea.

To not beat around the bush, it does appear the developers are planning on adding even more fanservice to the game. Despite this, in the past there was some controversy with the censorship of skins.

Perhaps their swimsuit event was more popular than people expected? At the very least, the team is aiming to get more feedback from their playerbase with more livestreams in the future.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is available now for iOS, Android, and PC (via Epic Games Store).



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