Smite reveals next crossover event featuring Magic the Gathering


Popular third person MOBA Smite is no stranger to collaboration events and their latest includes a popular fantasy brand.

They have numerous skins relating to notable franchises such as TMNT, Avatar, and even with metal band Slipknot.

During the Smite World Championships they announced a new crossover with the card game, Magic the Gathering. They claim this will be their “largest” crossover yet, with cards of certain characters from the game becoming skins.

The cards being brought to life in Smite are Chandra Nallar, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Karn, and Atraxa. These will be skins for the characters, Pele, Yu Huang, Thanatos, Nu Wa, and Thantos respectively. The last of which will get the final two skins listed.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

In case you missed it, Hi-Rez has announced a big celebration in beginning year 10 for their game.

Players who play 10 games between now and January 23rd, will be able to unlock a free battle pass alongside their choice of one unlimited skin.

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