Smite celebrates beginning of year 10 with free battle pass, skins, and more

Smite 10 Year Celebration Thumbnail

Publisher Hi-Rez and developer Titan Forge Games have announced their celebration plans and rewards as they enter Smite’s 10th year.

The third person MOBA officially launched in 2014, but has been around since closed back in 2012, hence their time measurement.

For their celebration, players can play in 10 matches between January 6-23rd in order to get their choice of a rare Unlimited Skin, the Premium Battle Pass.

The battle pass includes: Cyber-Tokyo (or 10 Battle Pass Levels if they already own the Pass), 40 Boosters, and 10 Gods of your choice permanently unlocked. There’s no mention of a separate reward to those who already own all Gods due to reasons such as their God pack.

During this celebration, there is also a special gems sale, which is the game’s currency that requires real money. They are discounted at 33% off while certain chests, which are the game’s lootboxes, will be 50% off.

Meanwhile the Smite’s yearly world tournament is in full swing with teams currently fighting for their spots in the group qualifiers. It’s live now on Twitch through January 8th, while the main event will take place on January 13-15th.

Over the past year, Smite has released cosmetics for their characters based around notable IPs such as Runescape, Nickelodeon, and even the metal band Slipknot.

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