Silent Hill’s iconic Pyramid Head took unlikely inspiration from Braveheart

Silent Hill Pyramid Head Braveheart Thumbnail

Pyramid Head, who made his debut in Silent Hill 2, is one of the most famous horror monsters not just in gaming, but perhaps in all of horror media, even if his creator apparently regrets making him.

Though it turns out what inspired Mashahiro Ito in creating the beast comes from a rather unlikely source: the 1995 film Braveheart, which stars Mel Gibson. The former artist for Silent Hill explained this on Twitter.

“The inspiration for the background of Pyramid Head from SH2 as the executioner.” Ito said. “From a film Braveheart.” These executioners wore bags over their heads, as would’ve been common historically, and this was the inspiration on an executioner in the town of Silent Hill.

He would also share that Pyramid Head was originally based on designs he had back when he was an art student, which was in 1993-1996. This series he would’ve called the “Strange Head”, which depicts ideas which lead to the basis of the famous monster.

As stated before, Pyramid Head is one of the most iconic monsters in video gaming history. He made his first debut on Silent Hill 2, which in itself is considered by many to be one of the greatest horror games ever created.

Pyramid Head has made an appearance in multiple titles for the franchise. He has also made crossover cameos for games such as Dead by Daylight as a playable character, alongside other horror icons.



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