Masahiro Ito wishes he never made Pyramid Head, refuses to explain

A strange bit of thoughts came this weekend as Masahiro Ito wishes he never made Pyramid Head, the visionary artist revealed today.

“I wish I hadn’t designed fxxkin Pyramid Head,” Ito said on his Twitter. Pyramid Head is easily one of if not the most iconic thing from the Silent Hill series, Konami’s survival horror franchise that Ito had a huge part in the original games.

Fans were immediately wondering why Masahiro Ito wishes he never made Pyramid Head, but it seems like we’ll never know the answer, as Ito refuses to explain like other great creators of our time.

“I don’t tweet the reason,” Ito said in a reply. This kind of refusal to explain your work, especially from an artist, naturally leaves many people extremely confused. Fans were begging him for some kind of explanation, but perhaps there really is none.

“The reason is not that I can’t get paid for the statues,” Ito said in another followup. “I’ve never gotten paid for those in the first place.”

Red Pyramid Thing, more famously known as Pyramid Head, is the terrifying human-looking monster that first appeared in Silent Hill 2. Ito served as the main designer for the monsters in the first three games.

It’s certainly odd that Ito is dropping such a bomb on the Silent Hill fandom, as he’s generally seemed to enjoy talking about the creation of the monster over the years.

“Edges of Pyramid Head’s helmet is inspired by skirt of lower hull of German tank “King Tiger” in WW2.” Ito said. “Yes, I’m WW2 German tank enthusiast.”

Ito also talked about the symbolism behind Pyramid Head and the gruesome things it does in the games. “The scene of Pyramid Head abusing 2 mannequins. That doesn’t mean rape,” he said.

“I wanted to depict that Pyramid Head is trying to remove the visions from James’ mind,” Ito elaborated. “Those mean L-Figure, BHNurse, etc. PH trys to make him face to the fact by that. This means his conflict in his mind. He still afraid to face to it at that time so he shoots a gun in the closet.”

The Silent Hill artist really had a big hand in practically everything with the monsters and even planned out its cutscenes too.

“I designed/modeled/built all of creatures & all of animations of them from SH2, also thought of all of the plans of PH’s cut scenes & built them by myself,” Ito said. “But I’ve never said that the scene PH abusing 2 mannequins means ‘rape’. I can understand his acting looks like sexual tho.”

A few years ago, though, Ito did reveal this misconception of Pyramid Head’s assault on the mannequins apparently led to him having issues dating. “BTW, I couldn’t get a girlfriend because of this at that time,” he said.

The most recent mainline game in the series was the 2012-released Silent Hill: Downpour, which Pyramid Head naturally made a cameo appearance in. Perhaps Ito wasn’t happy with how Konami became over the years, and how Pyramid Head even ended up in the Silent Hill pachislot.

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