Dead By Daylight 4th Anniversary Highlights, Silent Hill DLC Confirmed

Asymmetrical PvP horror game Dead By Daylight is celebrated its 4th anniversary in a livestream panel today. Upcoming content included Silent Hill DLC.

Dead By Daylight from Behaviour Interactive Inc., is celebrating its 4th anniversary and streamed the event on Twitch. Behaviour Interactive unveiled new features, updates, and an upcoming roadmap for the series.

A new graphical update is going to be rolled out in waves in the coming months. All assets are set to be updated both graphically and mechanically, The DLC chapter Dead By Daylight: Chains of Hate introduced breakable walls as a new tool for killers to use.

Currently the breakable walls exist only on the new map The Dead Dawg Saloon, but are intended to be introduced into all prior and new maps.

Behaviour Interactive also confirmed that crossplay is officially coming to Dead By Daylight in order to promote game health. Players on all platforms will be able to link accounts and play with friends across multiple platforms.

Cross platform matchmaking will also be introduced into the base game. It was also suggested that progress will be able to be saved cross platform, so that progress made when playing on PC could transfer to consoles and vice-versa.

Mathieu Cote, the game director and product evangelist for Dead By Daylight also teased a long asked for change to the start of a match. Last year Dead By Daylight introduced the “End Game Collapse” which streamlined and expedited the end of a game to prevent players from stalling out a game.

The new changes would alter the start of the match, easing the stress of the beginning of a game where simple misplays on the part of the killer can easily cause a game to spiral into a loss.

The winners of this year’s in-game costume contest were also announced. The winners of the contest will have their designs featured in an upcoming update either in the in-game store, or as a “Rift” reward in Dead By Daylight‘s new season reward system. The skins are “Freestyle Claudette” for survivors and “Never! Stop! Slashing!” Legion for killers.

Finally, Behaviour Interactive took the time to look back on their first licensed DLC, the Halloween chapter which introduced horror icons Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. At the end of the stream, as promised, the latest licensed DLC was announced for Dead By Daylight featuring Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason along with the new map Midwich Elementary School.

Each character will bring new perks to the game, and Pyramid Head will have his own unique powers and playstyle.

You can view the entire livestream here, or the segment focused on the gameplay and mechanics of the Silent Hill content at 1:18:45 here.

Dead By Daylight is available now on Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. The Silent Hill chapter is anticipated to release in three weeks, but is available to preview on the official Public Test Build (PTB).

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