Silent Hill: The Short Message rating gets spotted in Korea

Silent Hill The Short Message Rating Thumbnail

A new rating has surfaced for an unannounced Konami game titled Silent Hill: The Short Message.

The new rating was published by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea. This organization is quite similar in role to the likes of the ESRB or CERO ratings for video games.

This new rating is for a new Silent Hill game under publisher UNIANA, who regularly publishes games for Konami in the country of Korea. Another rating for their soccer game eFootball 2023 was also shown.

This information is likely related to the numerous leaks of a potential new game for the franchise which had images shared around online. Those rumors suggest the supposedly upcoming title will have a British setting. This also comes along with news that Konami had renewed the Silent Hill trademark earlier this year.

If there is a new game coming to the franchise, this would be the first mainline title since Silent Hill: Downpour. There was going to be reboot of the series with Silent Hills, headed by Hideo Kojima in collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro and Junji Ito. That new project would unfortunately get canceled in 2015, however.

This news will most assuredly spark more murmurings about a return for the franchise. However even if this rating proves to be proof of a new title, no official details have yet to be made on what this new game would be about.



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