Images of potential new Silent Hill game leaked, show possible ‘British’ setting

Silent Hill

Potentially leaked images of a new Silent Hill game have surfaced on the web, only to be quickly taken down due to DMCA.

If leaked images are to be believed, then it appears the franchise is set for another return. And given that the images have been struck with DMCA for their removal, which temporarily suspended the account known as ‘AestheticGamer1’, then they’re also likely not fake images either.

It’s worth noting this leaker is also known for their correct information back in 2020 about what Resident Evil Village would entail during it launch one year later. This included details about Ethan Winters returning as the playable character, and werewolves being in the game.

Under the presumption the images shared recently are real, then it suggests that the setting will be leaving the United States and across the pond to England.

The reason for people speculating this to be the case is the use of the word ‘minger’, British slang to call someone ugly. Another phrase also appears which is clearly a Monty Python reference. Another image shows that of a girl with words on her face indicating self loathing and/or has been called ugly.

That coupled with the leaker saying the names “Anita & Maya” as a part of the leak may indicate this being the potential playable character. He has also mentioned the company is working on more than one Silent Hill game.

This is certainly interesting news for the long dormant franchise. There was speculation last year that a new Silent Hill game would be announced during the summer of that year. We now know this was clearly false, as none of that happened.

It has been years since the Silent Hill franchise has seen a new title. The last time the series was in the limelight was when P.T. was a thing, which was only a hint for a full game by the name of Silent Hills, was had a demo released in 2014 but was cancelled in 2015 by Konami.

Despite being eventually cancelled, there were to be many high profile people working on it such as Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Junji Ito. Due to the handling of the situation many staff left Konami including Kojima himself.

While a lot of members who would’ve made the game eventually did regroup under the new Kojima Productions to create Death Stranding, not much has happened for the Silent Hill franchise after this cancelation despite Konami’s claim that the series would continue.

This leak also comes shortly after news of Konami renewing the trademark for the Silent Hill name. Which sparked speculation of something occurring with the franchise. Even though it would be expected of them to ensure they continue to have the rights to the popular series. These leaks seem to reinforce that notion.

As with any leak or rumor – take this with a grain of salt for now. Regardless, do you think a new Silent Hill game could be done? Sound off in the comments below!



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