Sengoku Dynasty shares its early access roadmap

Sengoku Dynasty

Early Access survival crafting game Sengoku Dynasty has big plans for the future.

Superkami, the developers of the title, have announced a detailed roadmap for the future.

You can read the roadmap announcement below:


We’re thrilled to provide an update on the roadmap for Sengoku Dynasty. It’s based on thousands of hours played by the Superkami team and testers, has been designed to ensure an enriching experience and encompasses several exciting enhancements. You will notice that some of the things listed in the roadmap are already present in the game – this means we will spend a lot of effort to making them much more complex and interesting.

First – in the next upcoming months:

Starting with the “First Steps”, we will be collecting your feedback, tackling bug fixes, and improving quality-of-life. Your voice is pivotal in our decision-making, and we’re committed to addressing these concerns. Please use the Steam forums and the Sengoku Dynasty Discord and leave as detailed feedback as you wish!

Moving forward to “Planting Seeds”, we’re diving into substantial content updates. Expect the introduction of an agriculture system, an entirely new NPC village, and fresh quests. These additions will provide a new depth to the gameplay and its immersion.

Our emphasis on “Personal Growth” reflects our intention to deepen character progression with the introduction of perks, status effects, and an exploration of spirituality, giving you more shrine variety and places of power mechanics rework. This will pave the way for more personalized and strategic gameplay as you advance.

In the “Hero’s Journey” phase, we’re excited to reveal the addition of a female character and starting character classes. These updates will diversify the character pool and offer new possibilities for gameplay. We know a lot of you are waiting for this, and we want to make it a great and substantial update!

As we look into the Future Focus, combat is set to become more complex, with new weapons, enemies and fighting techniques, and the introduction of randomized events will add an element of unpredictability. Remember – combat will always be optional for players – if you just want to opt-out of it and just build and chill, you can choose to do so! We’re also working on an advanced economy, a wider variety of NPCs, and additional options for family interactions and romance to enhance your immersive experience.

Lastly, we’ll be expanding the game world with additional map regions (Region 2 and 3), and infusing them with more storylines, villages, and quests to keep your journey engaging. This will effectively first double, then triple the narrative content, as well as add new biomes, production lines and more. We are very excited about this!

Remember. This is our vision. But we chose to go Early Access to hear yours too! Your thoughts are essential to us, so please continue sharing your feedback and suggestions. Together, we can make Sengoku Dynasty even more compelling.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we appreciate your continuous support.

Sengoku Dynasty has received mixed reviews, with users saying that the game is still way too early in development, but this roadmap may signal that things will change soon.

Sengoku Dynasty has been available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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