Rumor: Halo Infinite Launches December 8

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Two separate sources have claimed that Halo Infinite will launch December 8th; based on an online store listing, and Microsoft’s own store.

Halo Infinite officially launches Holiday 2021 on Windows PC (via the Microsoft StoreSteam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

The claim comes from two sources, Xbox news-focused Twitter user Idle Sloth, and a report by Aggiornamenti Lumia. Idle Sloth claimed that a Taiwanese online store listed the release date of Halo Infinite as December 8th.

Sloth notes the listing states Forge map-making mode will be in the game at launch (it will not, neither will campaign co-op). However, VGC reports the text merely mentions Forge as a feature; with no indication of when it will be in the game.

A single tweet alone may be dubious, but there is supporting evidence. Aggiornamenti Lumia (translation: DeepL) reports that, according to information “collected by [their] editorial staff,” the release date for the campaign is December 8th.

Based on the screenshot and report, it seems the Microsoft Store at one time listed the release date as December 8th, when updating the Microsoft Store with new information and screenshots. At this time of writing, it lists the release date as December 31st, rather than the Steam Store page’s coming soon.

 Halo Infinite December 8th

Further, Sloth’s claim was published at least 31 minutes before Lumia’s report [1, 2]. Further, Sloth was seemingly only aware of Lumia’s report after he posted his own claims [1, 2]; meaning it is less likely Sloth falsified his report to match claims made by others.

The recent update to the store, and campaign leak in the Technical Preview, suggests the release date will be announced soon. Aggiornamenti Lumia also proposes that the announcement may be made tonight during Gamescom Opening Night Live. Strangely, the announcement did not come during Xbox’ own Gamescom show yesterday.

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