Roblox adopts a new logo and slogan as company pivots to adults


It would appear that a new death sound effect is not the only new thing coming to Roblox. The company has adopted a new logo and slogan to go along with their attempted rebranding into a major metaverse developer.

It’s always fun to see a major corporation talk about a logo redesign as if they are talking about the cure for a disease or as if they discovered gravity. In a blog post, CEO David Baszucki shared his thoughts on the change.

“The Roblox logo currently has distinctiveness with its tilt, which represents building, progression, and motion. In refining the logo, we wanted to retain the equity of the tilt while also reflecting the evolution of our platform,” Baszucki said.

He added, “Our updated logo introduces new custom letterforms that are lighter in weight and reflect a more modern aesthetic. The second ‘o’ has returned as a letter, giving more focus to our iconic tilt. The tilt has been slightly refined but continues to maintain its distinct character.”

Along with their new logo, there is also the introduction of a new tagline for Roblox as well: “reimagining the way people come together,”.

Roblox is attempting to break out of the mold of being a platform that is made for children, and instead is attempting to become the new go-to game platform for online, interactive, customizable metaverse experiences.

The company wishes to branch out from simple “children’s games” to something that people of all ages can come together and enjoy and this is the first step in that attempted rebranding.

Roblox has been available for Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.



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