Iconic Roblox death sound removed due to “licensing issue”


The noise that changed a generation has finally left the building. Roblox‘s iconic “oof” sound effect has been removed from Roblox and replaced with a new sound effect due to an ongoing “licensing issue”.

The “oof” sound effect did not originate in the sandbox game, instead it comes from a 2000 game called, Messiah, created by Tommy Tallarico, the founder of Intellivision.  When he became aware of its usage in Roblox, Tallarico asked for monetary compensation.

In 2020, the death sound was replaced, but the original was still able to be purchased for 100 Robux or $1. The deal between Tallarico and the developer extended past this singular sound effect and licensed out more sound effects not long after.

Sadly, it seems that this partnership has ended and the sound effect that became an internet meme would finally be removed from the game. In a tweet, Roblox announced that a licensing issue has caused them to remove the sound effect and they stated that a replacement would be made.

That’s right, the new death sound is no longer “oof” it is now “deh” which is…fine I guess. As PC Gamer’s Mollie Taylor says, it “sounds more like you’ve just stepped in a puddle than popped your clogs.”

It is sad to see such an iconic sound effect disappear, but it has certainly already left its cultural mark on us all. Hopefully Roblox finds a way to deal with this licensing problem and we see the return of ‘Oof’ in the future.

Roblox has been available for Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.



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