Riot Games Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Settled for $100 Million

Riot Games Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

The Riot Games gender discrimination lawsuit has been finally settled after several years of legal proceedings, for a whopping $100 million.

While the initial Riot Games gender discrimination lawsuit was filed back in 2018 and a settlement agreement came in summer 2019, both the defendants and the claimants agreed to $10 million in payments to the claimants.

The original settlement agreement was then blocked by California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing, which argued the employees could be entitled for as much as $400 million. Now both parties are agreeing to a settlement of $100 million (via WaPo), per internal emails that have been obtained.

The new settlement agreement is ten times the amount of the original settlement, with $20 million alone going to the claimants legal fees and $80 million going to members of the class action lawsuit.

League of Legends and Valorant (pictured) developer Riot Games had the lawsuit filed after an expose claimed the developer and publisher had a “culture of sexism”, affecting some 1,000+ female employees and 1,300 contractual female workers that have been employed as far back as 2014. Payouts are being decided based on the employee’s status and tenure at the company.

The new settlement also has Riot now being obligated to implement reforms in the workplace, allow a third party to analyze their internal pay structure, as well as monitor their hiring and promotional practices. Furthermore, they have to allow independent monitoring of potential cases of sexual harassment and “retaliation claims” at their offices.

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