AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair review

AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair review

Not all that long ago, we did a thorough review for the original AndaSeat Jungle chair, and now we’re back to take a look at it’s successor and more affordable option in our AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair review.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series Gaming Chair
Manufacturer: AndaSeat
MSRP: $299.99 USD

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I’ll be upfront in our AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair review: It’s not nearly as good as the T-Pro chair was, but it’s not rated to be an XL chair either. The Jungle 2 is a medium rated chair, and according to their website a medium rated chair should be used by people shorter than 5’9″ and less than 330lbs.

In practical application, my stepkid is 5’10” and 130lbs and he doesn’t fit in this chair at all. His back is too wide for the back rest, which is outrageous considering he’s skin and bones. If I sit in that chair, the sides of the chair stab me in the shoulder blades.

For reference, I’m 5’9″ but I’m 385lbs and my back is way too wide for this chair. The XL sized chair fits my back perfectly, while this chair doesn’t even seem like it’s quite wide enough to accommodate small Asian frames.

Aside from the width of the chair, there’s very little to complain about. The leather feels nice, and the orange stitching pops nicely while the suede perfectly compliments the chair as a whole.

The build quality between the lower tier $300 chair versus the $500 chairs leaves a lot to be desired though. The chair itself feels great, but the difference between the bases on the medium sized chair versus the XL sized chair are night and day.

The medium base is flimsy and feels like it would wear out really quickly, but if you’re buying for a teenager, it’s probably decent to save a few hundred bucks on a cheaper chair.

The biggest perk of the Jungle 2 is the pull out footrest, but sadly, I’m not really a fan of it. It’s awkward to use and requires a bit of wiggling and force to pull out and stow it back correctly.

When it’s fully extended it is nice and comfortable to lay on, and for a first attempt, it’s not terrible but it still definitely leaves something to be desired.

All and all, the AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series chair might be a good chair if you can grab it on sale for around $200 but I can’t really recommend it even at the $300 price point because of how narrow the back rest is.

It’s a quality product, but it needs more space to accommodate wider frames for better comfort levels. If the medium sized chair backs were the same size as the XL ones, they’d be perfect.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series Gaming Chair was reviewed using a review unit provided by AndaSeat. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.

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The Verdict: 6

The Good

  • The chair is well built
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Has a foot rest

The Bad

  • The base is cheap feeling compared to the higher cost chairs
  • The foot rest is kinda janky
  • The backrest needs to be wider to accommodate wider shoulders
  • Not many color types to choose from


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