AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair Review

AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair Review

When AndaSeat contacted us to review a chair for them, I was quite excited. Having only owned standard office chairs until this point, I was definitely wanting to see how the better half gamed.

After 3 weeks of using the AndaSeat Jungle on a daily basis, I’m here to say that gaming chairs aren’t just hype; and there definitely is something to them.

AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair
Manufacturer: AndaSeat
MSRP: $349.99 USD

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AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair Review

I was happy and surprised by how easy it was to set up. Getting mine delivered in the mail, I made sure to set some time for the day to construct it, which I now know wasn’t actually needed. After only a few minutes of construction it was finished.

Judging a chair’s aesthetics is definitely one of the most subjective things about a gaming chair, but also one of the most important, and the first thing you notice about one. I admit, I feel a lot of gaming chairs look quite try-hard; often times giving the same vibes you get when looking at a gamer fuel ad.

However, I don’t mind my AndaSeat. The black and red pattern makes it look like something you would find race car, but it doesn’t stick out nearly as much as many other chairs I have seen.

Some people wear their gamer culture as a piece of pride, and openly want to show off with bright yellows and complicated eye catching designs. For me, I think my AndaSeat struck a middle ground between branding itself, while not going completely overboard aesthetically.

AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair Review

Now the most important part of any Chair. For this review I specifically wanted to compare my seat to others on the market. I had my friend bring over his 4 year old DXRacer Racing Series PRO Gaming Chair PU (Model OH/RV001/NO), so I could sit on and compare my AndaSeat to. I also dusted off my old office chair which I hadn’t used since first getting the AndaSeat 3 weeks ago, and sat back in that for a while.

The AndaSeat has a firm leathery feel to it. The DXracer in comparison was softer, and felt like I was sinking into it more; though it’s important to note that chairs tend to get softer over time, which may explain part of this difference.

The AndaSeat is more focused on being a utility for making the acts of work and gaming easier, than it is trying to be something you would nap in. This is reinforced by the fact the AndaSeat felt slightly more spacious than the DXracer.

AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair Review

AndaSeat Jungle comes with a lumbar and back rest, something standard in gaming chairs, and what helps separate these type of chairs from more traditional work chairs of the past. These rests encourage the person sitting in it to naturally adopt a heathier poster.

This is important because traditional office chairs (like the one this AndaSeat replaced) can often encourage bad poster, leading to the infamous shrimp back during hours of work or gaming sessions which can lead to back pain. I am happy to say since getting my AndaSeat I have not once found myself performing shrimp back, and I thank the seats lumbar rest for that.

Sadly, one complaint I have with this chair is the neck rest. The neck rest’s range of motion is limited, and it will naturally slump down when not in use. This means when I wanted to sit in my AndaSeat, I had to consciously readjust the neck rest every morning to make sure it is inline with my own neck position. This took a while to get used to.

I also feel that the neck rest is a little too big, resulting in my head going further forward than it should. Because of this, I sometimes would take the neck rest out of the chair when watching shows so my head could more easily be focused forward when relaxing.

AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair Review

Besides the neck rest, the AndaSeat fit my body well, and I can be on it for hours without really noticing it exists. This is something I couldn’t say for my old standard office chair, which by comparison after a few hours of use would become quite uncomfortable. The AndaSeat’s arm rests also feel quite solid. This is important if you are doing office work for hours at a time on one of these things.

Possibly the AndaSeat’s greatest feature is how adjustable it is. While I did say I find it more of a work and gaming oriented chair than a pure relaxation oriented one, I was impressed by how adjustable the back is. It can tilt a whopping 160% degrees, meaning you can fully lay down on this thing if you want.

I was quite scared watching my girlfriend lay in it like this at first. It looked like it was going to tilt over from my perspective. However, after getting into it myself and rocking back and forth for a solid minute, I can say that despite what it may look like there is no actual danger of falling over in it. This is when the neck rest comes most in handy, directing your head towards whatever screen you want to look at.

AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair Review

I have had the AndaSeat for 3 weeks. The chair is nice, heavy, and feels solid. I have used this chair 8 to 10 on most days for both work and gaming, carried it around the house, and even brought it out to the yard a few times for barbecue night.

In that time I bumped it against things quite a few times including walls, the floor, and my desk with no noticeable damage to the chair. While it will take longer to truly understand how the AndaSeat Jungle stands the test of time, I am confident in saying the AndaSeat is not cheaply made.

Starting at $220 USD, the AndaSeat Jungle is one of the cheaper chairs on the market. It might not have the bells and whistles like a foldable foot rest that some of the more expensive chairs have, but it more than gets the job done, while also adding the unnecessary but definitely appreciated 160 degree recline feature.

The AndaSeat Jungle Series is one of the perfect starting points for a gaming chair, without having to throw half a grand to do so. There’s also currently a sale going on from October 13th to November 4th where you can save $129 making the chair even more affordable.

AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair was reviewed using a review unit provided by AndaSeat. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.


The Verdict: 8.0

The Good

  • Comfortable even after hours of use
  • Fully reclining back is a welcome feature
  • Cheaper than most other chairs of similar quality

The Bad

  • Neck rest is annoying to adjust and is a bit too big
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