AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair Review

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair

Finally, the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair is a gaming chair that doesn’t look like it was stolen out of a totaled 1996 Honda Civic. Gaming chairs today hit a point where one look at them made anyone who saw them assume you spend all day pounding energy drinks, streaming to a total of 2 viewers for 14 hours a day, and living in your parents basement.

While I’m not thrilled with the racing-seat-turned-gaming-chair aesthetic, I’ve grown to appreciate my chair having a full headrest and shoulder support. AndaSeat’s new T-Pro 2 chair is not only far more professional-looking than most gaming chairs, it’s built with cloth and suede, which feels far more premium to me than cheap pleather or overpriced mesh. Check out what we thought in our review.

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair
Manufacturer: AndaSeat
MSRP: $549.99 USD

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AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair

The first thing I did was gave this chair a nice upgrade. I’m sorry, AndaSeat, but I hate caster wheels – especially since they have a habit of leaving tracks on my wood floors that already look a bit worse for wear due to having dogs.

The first thing I did when I put this chair together was throw away the wheels that it came with, and install Rollerblade style wheels from The Office Oasis on Amazon (you can replace this as well with our Amazon affiliate link). These have been my go-to for the past few years, and I buy a set to install on every chair I have because they are by far superior.

When I unboxed the T-Pro 2, I was pretty surprised at how easy it was to assemble. Their bolts came in a pre-packaged container with the appropriate hex wrench with the two different screw sizes on the top of each side. Each screw was packaged in a way that it was easy to keep them together, and I was able to slightly open the package up a little more as I got further into the build.

All in all, it took me about 20 minutes to put the chair together – considerably less time than a few other chairs I’ve built, but not without a few caveats. The smaller end of the hex wrench was a little bit harder to use, as they didn’t quite fit the smaller screws perfectly. But I was able to use it with shorter turns between each readjustment.

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair

My only other gripe about building the chair is that the plastic hinge cover armor isn’t the best quality, nor was it super easy to line up correctly. Eventually I was able to get it installed correctly, but not without accidentally pushing too hard and cracking the plastic at the base on one side.

As you can see, it’s not the end of the world, but did kind of suck for this being a brand new chair. I also noticed some thread fraying near the bottom where it wasn’t properly tucked under a staple to the upholstery – but again, it’s minor nitpicking.

I’ve paid a lot more for chairs that weren’t built half as well as this chair is. Perhaps future chair designs will have a third hole drilled for securing the armor in place instead of blindly screwing it into the padding.

My only other complaint as far as build quality was that the cross bar is scratched and clearly shows that the base isn’t black metal but painted. Not a deal breaker, but worth noting for people who care about that sort of thing.

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair

The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair is extremely comfortable, and their memory foam lumbar and head pillows feel considerably nicer than the ones stuffed with crappy generic pillow stuffing. These hold shape well, and always inflate back out to look great when the chair isn’t in use.

Ultimately, for a chair with a sticker price of $550 USD, I find the T-Pro 2 to be on par with its competition. Where it lacks in certain elements, it makes up for in other areas so they really balance each other out. The cushioning is firm and supportive, which is exactly what I’d want in a chair built for bigger dudes like me.

I’d actually argue that this chair is more comfortable for me than my couch is, so naturally my wife yells at me for staying over here instead of sitting with her. Nonetheless the soft cloth and smooth suede nuzzle me in all comfy and snug, and I’m not really interested in moving once I plop down.

The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair is an absolutely fantastic chair. Maybe not quite $550 USD worth, but I’ve paid $450 USD for chairs that aren’t half this good.

The AndaSeat T Pro 2 was provided for review by AndaSeat. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.

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The Verdict: 9

The Good

  • It's not fake leather!
  • The blue looks like denim, suede is a nice touch for a lush premium feel
  • It's firm instead of cushiony
  • Memory foam lumbar and head pillows feel nice and fluff back up when not in use

The Bad

  • Caster wheels
  • Plastic around the hinges is thin and weak
  • Minor stitch fraying on the bottom of the seat


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