Polygon’s hypocrisy is more prevalent than ever with Genshin Impact coverage


Polygon has again demonstrated their hypocrisy like many of the other western “video game” websites.

The site proclaimed it is tolerant of male sex appeal, despite a history of incessantly condemning female sex appeal, and a recent Genshin Impact article further solidifies this.

Genshin Impact’s latest update introduced underwater traversal, and many realized a water effect covers up the behinds of the player’s female characters to prevent upskirts.

However, the censorship also affects male characters in pants, for some reason. Just the name alone of the Genshin Impact article is telling enough:

Whenever male sex appeal is discussed, the writers put it in a positive light to the point of “objectifying” the fictional characters.

However, when people “objectify” fictional female characters, it is reviled by these so-called “progressive” individuals.

Many of these agenda-pushing websites have revealed their bias and hypocrisy on previous occasion, and so often to the point of ridicule:

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