Palworld fans debunk claims of copied Pokemon models


A viral post has been floating around social media showing Palworld models overlaid with models of Pokemon characters, however that video appears to be misleading.

A rebuttal to the popular post uses the meshes to better illustrate that the models aren’t copies of one another, rather the original poster allegedly used visual trickery to give the illusion of sameness.

While there’s some fair criticisms that some Pals from Palworld look similar to Pokemon, we’ve yet to see conclusive evidence that Pocketpair copied models. Other criticisms such as Pocketpair using AI to develop the game are also lacking in evidence, with critics relying on taking comments out of context and death threats to try and make their point.

Palworld was just released on January 19th, for Windows PC (via Steam and the Microsoft Store), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game is also on Xbox Game Pass.



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