Palworld creator AI tweets taken out of context


Due to the success of Palworld, critics have been digging through the creator’s social media in order to drag it down, especially since their past work includes games which use generative AI as a gimmick.

The comparisons between Palworld and Pokemon are impossible to avoid, but some have taken it a step further by claiming the CEO of PocketPair Takuro Mizobe explicitly made new “Pokemon” using generative AI. The truth? They were discussing how Buzzfeed did exactly that.

As seen above, Mizobe expressed their excitement for how AI technology could be used in future game development and was surprised they could hardly tell the difference between AI generated “fakemons” and real Pokemons. Games using generative AI assets released on Steam are required to disclose this fact on their store page, a disclaimer that’s lacking from the Palworld Steam page.

Palworld was just released on January 19th, for Windows PC (via Steam and the Microsoft Store), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game is also on Xbox Game Pass.

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