Nintendo officially unveils Nintendo Pictures

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A few months ago, it was announced that Nintendo would be acquiring Dynamo Pictures, a CG animation studio who had worked on projects such as Final Fantasy XIII-2Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and the mo-cap for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

At the time of that news, it was reported the deal was expected to close in October. Now that time has come and Nintendo has officially announced Nintendo Pictures, and the creation of its own website.

Nintendo Pictures note they are planning to begin hiring new employees starting sometime on November. Considering there were no reports of any mass lay offs of the original studio, it seems they are hoping to expand on the current capacities.

The new subsidiary plans on creating works with Nintendo characters, unsurprisingly. It is unknown if this will extend to movies, as Dynamo Pictures had experience with projects such as Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. For now the company only states they will create “unique videos”, and do not say anything about films.

This acquisition also has nothing to do with the upcoming Mario movie, which is being created by Illumination Studios.

Given the description, it appears they might be more focused on promotional content of all their IPs, similar to how Pokémon has recently done so with teasing new Pokémon. This writer would personally love to see more content like the Pokémon special music video, which aired 2 years ago.



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