Nintendo is acquiring CG studio Dynamo Pictures


Nintendo is expanding further into CG animation as they announced their acquisition Dynamo Pictures, the studio has been behind some of the best CG in modern gaming and film.

Dynamo Pictures has produced works like: Final Fantasy XIII-2, Space Pirate Captain¬† Harlock, and Appleseed XIII, as well being responsible for the awesome mo-cap for Hideo Kojima’s pizza delivery game, Death Stranding.

The company plans to close the deal in October of this year and with the purchase, they will change Dynamo Pictures’ name to “Nintendo Pictures Co, Ltd”.

The studio will then be focused on producing new visual content using the Nintendo IP. One has to wonder if this means more CG content for their games, or perhaps they’ll move into making CG films for its IPs going forward – like the upcoming Super Mario Movie.



Tyler was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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