New Found Footage Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Hints at New Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Pokemon Company have released “found footage” trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceushinting at a new Pokemon. But what could it be?

The new trailer’s found footage style is ideal for Halloween. Glossing over the fact someone has found a camera in the ancient past (the Arceus smartphone exists after all), we see a snowy mountain.

While we briefly see some Snorunt, the rest of the footage is almost pitch-black. We do hear the doomed recorder describe what he has seen. A small brownish-red quadruped mammal (mistaken for Hisuin Growlithe or Vulpix at first) with white fur around its collar and head. It also has round yellow eyes, and a red-tipped tail that sways.

Speculation can run rampant on what sort of Pokemon this. The presentation would suggest a Ghost-Type, but the fact the Pokemon is seemingly cute but then attacks the man without provocation could suggest a Dark-Type (or its protective parent that had evolved).

Cross referencing small “adorable” quadraped canine-like Pokemon with those who have already been shown in past trailers and screenshots; we could be looking at a Hisuin Houndour, Poochyena, Lillipup, Rockruff, or Yamper. Rockruff, and Yamper both have (at some stage of their evolution) fur around their necks.

Showing Snorunt at the beginning of the footage could suggest a Hisuin form for one of its evolutions but neither of them (Glalie or Froslass) could be mistaken as a Growlithe or Vulpix. Regional forms usually have the same body shape as the originals.


A “Hisuin Froslass” has been the subject of rumors. This comes via Centro Leaks; who correctly discovered the Diamond and Pearl remakes and have received DMCA requests, but have had some false-leads in the past.

Nonetheless, one cryptic leaker [1, 2] hinted at a Hisuin Froslass. The other clues suggest new Hisuin forms for Voltorb, Tyrogue, Cacnea or Maractus, Slugma, Avalugg, an Ursaring evolution, and more. Once again however, the clue suggests Hisuin Froslass would keep its yukata-like appearance.

We may be dealing with an entirely new evolution; as we’ve seen with Wyrdeer, Basculegion, and Kleavor. Or, we may have an entirely new Pokemon.


Looking at Japanese mythology, we may be looking at a Pokemon based on a Yamabiko (a creature resembling a dog and monkey that is responsible for echoes in caves and on mountains), or an Okuri-inu or Yama-inu  (dogs that follow a person traveling through mountains, and may attack them if they fall, or help them home depending on the tale).

However, the mention of its tail “swaying” in the trailer may suggest a Nue or Kotobuki. The creature is a mix of many different animals; such as having a snake-like tail- or a snake’s head on its tail. Its also said to make an awful bird-like cry that can cause sickness or nightmares. Then again, we hear no noises from the creature at all.

What do you think it is? Sound off in the comments below!


Pokemon Legends Arceus launches January 28th, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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