Pokemon Legends: Arceus New Gameplay Trailer

Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Pokemon Company have revealed a new gameplay trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. 

Across both the new gameplay trailer and the Pokemon Presents livestream, we learn the ancient Sinnoh region- known as Hisui, is now being settled by the Galaxy Expedition Team. The player begins their adventure in Jubilife Village, home to the future Jubilife City, and a few faces that may be the ancestors of characters in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Players are sent out on expeditions to complete Survey Reports, and fill the first ever Pokedex. They can catch Pokemon outright, or battle them with their own Pokemon as with past games. Different species of Pokemon react differently to being encountered; some necessitating battle.

The player’s Pokedex is not just filled from catching Pokemon, but seeing them perform different moves, and defeating them in different ways. The official website also confirms players can craft items and Pokeballs at base camps when out in nature, along with resting up their Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon can attack the player, so they will need to employ stealth or fast rolling if they cannot defend themselves. Worse still, a strange phenomena is causing wild Pokemon to go berserk.

In battle, Pokemon can execute moves normally or under two different styles. Moves can be executed in Strong Style or Agile Style- to boost the moves power or speed at the sacrifice of the other. Speed this time around does not just dictate who will go first, but if a Pokemon can act multiple times (much like other RPGs turn order systems).

New Pokemon are also shown in this ancient land. Stantler and Basculine are seen to have new evolutions; Wyrdeer (Normal and Psychic type) and Basculegion (Water and Ghost type). Braviary and Growlithe are also shown to have new forms (Psychic and Flying and Fire and Rock types respectively). Braviary seems to be a Psychic type, while Growlithe is a Rock Type.

We also see the player riding Wyrdeer, Basculegion, and Braviary; suggesting a system akin to riding Pokemon in the Let’s Go games, and Ride Pokemon from Sun and Moon allowing players to venture over water and into the sky.

In the Pokemon Presents livesteam itself, it was stated that while the game would support Pokemon Home in 2022 (which means some of the new “ancient” Pokemon could be available in future games), it would not have Ranked Battles. This suggests there will not be world championships or other official tournaments.

It also suggests that Legends Arceus may not have a versus mode, focusing on a single player adventure. However, the official website states Jubilife Village requires “A paid Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to enjoy certain features.”

The official website also states those who preorder the game can earn a special gift (using the Mystery Gift feature before May 9th). This grants the The Hisuian Growlithe Kimono Set; further suggesting character clothing will be available.

You can find the new gameplay trailer below.

As previously reported; Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in ancient Sinnoh (then known as Hisui), where people have traveled to to establish a town, and explore a wild region. You will be creating the first Pokedex. While battles are still turn-based, players can throw Pokeballs at wild Pokemon freely. Players also seem to be able to explore an open world, and are able to roll and sneak.

The starters are Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott; given to you by a traveling professor. The Pokemon Arceus; said to have created the world, will also be critical to the story. Further, the ninja-like designs of the player character (specifically the scarves) evoke the design of the main characters in Pokemon Platinum. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus launches January 28th, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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