Male fanservice game exposes online feminist hypocrisy

Male fanservice game

Twitter users celebrating attractive male characters in a smartphone game have revealed the hypocrisy of those who complain about attractive female characters.

The now-viral tweet essentially had a person raving about the fanservice element in a game where players can tease the male characters:

Such service will remind video game enthusiasts of titles such as Criminal Girls, which had a similar “punishment” mini-game, yet it was censored in future releases.

Some commenters pointed out how there was almost no complaining about attractive men, despite how often Twitter users whine about attractive females in anime and video games.

Not long ago, many complained about the visual appeal of a new character in Azur Lane.

The praise from such individuals is hypocritical as they often complain about “objectification of women” in video games, condemn attractive 2D females, and demand they be more “realistic”, likely explaining why Aloy looked less attractive in Horizon Forbidden West.

This nonsensical complaining has led to the censorship and toning down of many female characters’ outfits across several games, from remakes to new titles, as females aren’t even allowed to wear skirts anymore.

Hee’s some of the comments noting this hypocrisy:

The game in question is What in Hell is Bad?, and is now available for smartphones.

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