Kashino L2D skin sparks response from Azur Lane fans and critics

Kashino Azur Lane

Twitter users are responding to a sexy new skin in Azur Lane, a gacha game known for its artwork and characters based off of real world military ships.

Kashino, is a buxom cowgirl (ushimimi) character which in real life was a support ship meant for carrying supplies and ammo. Azur Lane developers decided to represent this with her “Robust Ballasts” (that’s literally the name of one of her skills.)

Now, with a new costume, Twitter users were quick to criticize the company’s choice to animate the character so fluidly as her top barely covers her chest which flows a bit too smoothly. You can check out a preview for “Robust Floral Strings Kashino” below.

Of course Twitter users were divided over the animation, though it’s worth noting that many of its critics didn’t appear to be fans of Azur Lane, a fact actual fans of the game picked up on.


Twitter user “I Put Waifus on a Vintage TV” even showed his support for Kashino’s new costume.

More than a few users accused the artist of not interacting with women in real life, despite the character designer for Kashino being a woman herself.

The new “Robust Floral Strings Kashino” is the character’s latest costume. Kashino has two other costumes that also showcase the fan-favorite cowgirl in similar positions.

The new skin is part of a new in-game event called Effulgence Before Eclipse which will run from September 24 to October 4. The event will add 5 new ship girls, Owari, Unzen, Hatsuzuki, Natori, and Asanagi

Azur Lane is developed by Shanghai-based company Manjuu and published in the west by Yostar. In the past the game has seen several content changes as a direct result of Chinese censorship.


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