Dungeon crawling puzzle roguelite Loot River launches in May 2022

Loot River launches

SUPERHOT PRESENTS and straka.studio have announced their puzzle-driven action-roguelite Loot River launches in May 2022.

Loot River launches on May 3rd for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

As covered in our previous reportLoot River is a dungeon crawling action-roguelite with puzzle elements. Players will traverse a ruined landscape floating on a dangerous river, and can use a mysterious artifact to shift the ground beneath them. This landscape-altering mechanic forms the basis of the game’s puzzles, allowing players to connect Tetris-like blocks of floor to explore further and exploit during combat.

Of course, players will be able to fight enemies with more conventional means as well. Scavenge for loot to acquire powerful weapons and armor, and learn new spells and abilities.

Here’s a trailer confirming Loot River launches next month:

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Transform the world
Set in a series of procedurally generated labyrinths, Loot River is a dungeon crawling action roguelike that combines tense, real-time combat and dark fantasy settings with spatial block-shifting.

Defeat bestial abominations
Armed with the power of the Relic, players can shift the ground beneath them, sliding floating ruins together in a series of tile puzzles. As players venture through these endless catacombs, they’ll encounter beasts, lost travelers, and bosses. These cosmic grottos offer a wealth of new weapons and gear to discover, as well as unholy knowledge to unearth for permanent upgrades.

Game Features

  • Slide ruins of an old dungeon to defeat your foes
  • Forge your path through ancient abandoned fortress
  • Meet horrifying beast from alternate realities, as well as other wandering nomads
  • Wake up in a parallel universe after each death – navigate through thousands of unique, yet familiar dungeons
  • Defeat enemies your way – unlock many different abilities, items and weapons, each with unique look, animations, powers, and style
  • Gain knowledge and experience, level up, and defeat powerful bosses
  • Immerse yourself in a beautiful, hand drawn, pixel art with fluid animations, real time 3D shadows, and astonishing water simulation
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