Lethal Company – Top 5 Beginner Tips

Lethal Company Beginner's Guide Tips

Lethal Company is a really challenging game, in which there is no meta progression aside from the knowledge you acquire.

The game gets increasingly brutal with each deadline, but that doesn’t mean players can’t thrive in its harsh environments.

We at Niche Gamer have been studying the game closely, and decided on what would be the best advice for those starting out.

5- Always be with someone else

Splitting up may be useful when it comes to finding items, but it also has the tendency of getting people killed easily.

Early on in the game it’s not advisable to travel without a duo, especially when unarmed. Lethal Company has quite a few mechanics that depend on players sticking together, which means that being alone is never a good idea.

One of the monsters that preys upon lone players the most is the ghost girl, who will target players depending on how insane/vulnerable they are. Insanity quickly increases when alone, and is multiplied by being inside the abandoned bunkers, so it’s always good to have someone with you.

4- Voice chat is extremely important

Voice chat is a hard requirement to playing Lethal Company, there’s no other way of saying it.

While some monsters may deter you from using your microphone, like the eyeless dogs, others require you to make noise, like the baboon hawks.

The game is built upon communicating with others, and even though it does offer a text chat system, there’s a good chance you won’t have enough time to type a message before it’s too late.

3- Losing an item slot is worth it.

Players are allowed to carry a limited amount of items in Lethal Company, which makes it tough to decide on what equipment you’ll carry into your expeditions.

Players can choose between weapons, flashlights, signal boosters, and walkie-talkies, and regardless of what you choose, it will always be worth losing an item slot to a tool.

It’s tempting to keep all item slots empty to carry more items, but visibility or ease of communication are massively important in Lethal Company, and a weapon may save you from the more aggressive monsters, so it’s always worth carrying a tool with you, regardless of what it is.

2- Watch your carry weight

Each item that you collect has a weight associated to it, which can hinder your movement speed and stamina heavily.

Sometimes, ditching your items to run away from a monster is the best course of action, especially from monsters like the Thumper, who are incredibly fast.

There’s no shame in running away, just remember to make sure you aren’t running around for no reason, as being caught without stamina by a monster is a death sentence.

1- Learn everything you can about the monsters

As stated before, the only layer of meta progression in Lethal Company is your knowledge of the game, so your knowledge about the monsters is the only thing you’ll carry between runs.

Knowing each creature’s behavior is the main deciding factor between life and death, as every enemy operates on a completely different set of rules from the others.

If you want to learn about every single monster in the game, we actually compiled two different guides, for both the indoors and outdoors creatures you will find in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).



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