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Lethal Company Monster Guide Bestiary

The many seemingly abandoned structures in Lethal Company house a wide range of creatures, all with their unique quirks and behavior, and with some luck, you can actually survive them.

The creatures in the game range from harmless to extremely dangerous, and can roam inside abandoned structures or outside, depending on certain factors.

By scanning each creature, we get to figure out their habits, as well as some of their lore on the bestiary, and armed with that knowledge we decided to make a guide on how to deal with each of the creatures you’ll find indoors in Lethal Company, enjoy!


The Thumper is one of the many creatures in Lethal Company who will kill you on sight, roaring loudly and dashing towards the first player it sees at an incredible speed.

The creature resembles a giant human that has been separated from the lower half of its body, and curiously seems to have a reptilian head, similar to an alligator with a short snout.

The Thumper is one of the most aggressive indoors enemies, but has a pretty glaring weakness, which is its lack of hearing. It may not sound like much, but not being able to communicate with your teammates is one of the most deadly situations in Lethal Company.

Breaking away from the Thumper’s line of sight is integral to your survival, and they make a very distinct roar when about to attack, which gives players a good idea of when to dodge. They can be killed with 4-6 shovel hits, and the melee strategy relies on having one player bait its attacks while another player tries to damage it.


The Bracken is a living jumpscare, popping up behind players and usually delivering a fright when seen. The biggest giveaway when it comes to the Bracken’s location come from its glowing white eyes, which can be seen even in the darkest of areas.

His main method of attack consists of sneaking up on players to break their necks from behind, although there are some ways to make him go away.

The Bracken features a very finicky sight mechanic, in which players have to glance at him to scare him away, but any prolonged eye contact will immediately enrage the creature. The sweet spot for looking at the bracken is roughly 1 to 2 seconds, since after 4 seconds of eye contact he will become aggressive towards the player, and dash at them with the intent of performing an instant kill.

The Bracken can be killed by 5-6 shovel hits, although there doesn’t seem to be any safe strategy when it comes to dealing with him when enraged. It’s best to scare him away by noticing his presence than to actually engage him in a fight.


If the creatures found in Lethal Company‘s bestiary were to be ranked in order of fairness, the Jester would probably sit at the very bottom.

Unkillable, unstoppable, and incredibly deadly are the words that should be used to describe the Jester, who stalks players relentlessly at very high speeds.

The Jester features two modes, one in which its box is closed, and one in which its box is open. In the first mode, the Jester will choose a target, and relentlessly pursue them while winding its music box. This wind-up can be delayed by shooting it with a stun gun, but it will eventually manage to fully wind-up regardless of delays.

Once the box is opened, the Jester gains an incredible surge of speed, and will instantly kill whatever player it comes in contact with. It’s worth noting that the Jester will return to its boxed state when all players leave the building, although there’s no reason to tempt fate and go back inside after escaping it once.

The best strategy when it comes to dealing with the Jester is to simply flee to the nearest exit, as fast as you can. There is no reason to stay around after a Jester has been discovered in the area, as it features some of the highest lethality found in the game.

Bunker Spider

Bunker Spiders are some of the few creatures found in Lethal Company that won’t be instantly aggressive towards players, instead being more territorial in nature.

The Bunker Spiders are only interested in building their nests, and will attack players when one of their webs is destroyed. In general, it’s best to not get too close to a Bunker Spider, but most of the time it won’t attack unprovoked.

Despite not being initially aggressive, they can turn on players when their space is invaded, and are as deadly as any other monster against unarmed opponents. Thankfully, they can be killed with a shovel or stop sign, and will go down in roughly 4-6 hits.

Players can easily outrun these spiders, or kite them while walking backwards to kill it without taking damage. They are known to be persistent chasers, so violence is the best option after angering it.

Snare Flea

Snare Fleas are a biological form of punishment for players who aren’t aware of their surroundings, more specifically, what is above them.

The Snare Flea is a massive insect that can be found crawling alongside the ceiling of any indoor structure. The Snare Flea’s main method of attack is to wrap itself around the head of unsuspecting players, choking them to death.

In multiplayer, the Snare Flea can only be removed by having someone hit it with a shovel or zap gun. Things are a little easier in single player, where the flea will let go of the player’s head once they reach critical status, although being grabbed a second time will result in death.

Being caught alone by a Snare Flea is a death sentence, as there isn’t any way to remove it from your own head (aside from the single player method mentioned above). The fact that it muffles the captured player’s voice only makes it more deadly, as nobody will be able to hear your cries for help.

The best strategy against the Snare Flea is to always be scanning your surroundings, as well as constantly paying attention to the ceiling, although that attention has to be balanced between the other monsters, as well as landmines.

Hoarding Bug

Hoarding Bugs are another type of territorial insect that can be found in Lethal Company, although they work a little differently from the Bunker Spiders.

Hoarding Bugs will designate a specific area of the map as their nest, and will use that spot to hoard objects of value they come across.

Stealing from a Hoarding Bug will cause it stand up and become aggressive, revealing itself to be much bigger than the player. Their attacks consist of dashing into the player at a reasonable speed, making them easy to sidestep.

Unarmed players will want to avoid stealing from the Hoarding Bug, gifting it any valuable item if it lingers around for too long. Players armed with a shovel or stop sign can take on the bug easily, and will be able to walk away with their loot unbothered.

Spore Lizard

Spore Lizards are some of the most docile creatures players will encounter in Lethal Company, as they simply don’t attack the player unless threatened or pursued.

Despite their threatening appearance and massive stature, Spore Lizards will do their best to avoid confrontation, and will only resort to attacking when cornered.

The Spore Lizard’s bites don’t do a lot of damage, and their most threatening move is to spread a pink mist that impairs visibility, but deals no damage.

Spore Lizards can be taken down with 3-4 hits from a shovel or stop sign, although there’s not much reason to fight them, as they are, for the most part, docile creatures.


The Hygrodere is an arguably sentient mass of toxic slime, which will burn players that it comes into contact with.

The Hygrodere is immune to any damage, and can grow over time. Hitting it with any sort of weapon is not advised, as it can split into two different puddles who will grow independently, making it an even more substantial threat.

Simply not stepping inside of its body or jumping over it is a valid method of survival, and players can survive one or two hits from it in very dire situations.

The Hygrodere has a really weird interaction with boomboxes, as it will be attracted by the noise they make. Leaving a boombox on the ground is a valid way of distracting the Hygrodere, although it may speed up significantly to chase players while they hold a boombox.


Coil-Heads are the Lethal Company equivalent of Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels, as they can only attack when not being seen.

Their first attack will not kill a healthy player, instead serving to startle and announce their presence. The best way of dealing with a Coil-Head is to always keep an eye on it, although multiple ones can show up simultaneously, making this task increasingly difficult.

The only thing that can temporarily stop a Coil-Head is a stun grenade, as melee weapons and even landmines don’t seem to destroy them.

Coil-Heads are much easier to deal with when playing with a group, as someone can always be keeping them in check while others leave with the loot, although this strategy does not hold up well over time, as other enemies can target the designated spotter.

Players will not survive more than one attack from a Coil-Head, and it’s virtually impossible to escape them, due to their incredible speed, so the best way to deal with them is to vacate the premises as soon as possible.

Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl is the most enigmatic enemy in Lethal Company, possibly not even being real.

The Ghost Girl does not feature a bestiary entry, which indicates that she simply may be a figment of a mad player’s imagination.

The Ghost Girl works on a point system, which is influenced by the sanity mechanic and other external factors. Players will rapidly lose sanity by being inside buildings or by watching other players die, but can recuperate some of it by sticking together and using the walkie-talkie.

Being critically wounded or acting paranoid will also rack up points with the Ghost Girl, causing her to play one of her triggers. It’s worth noting that only the Ghost Girl’s target can actually see her, and that she can stalk players all the way to the ship.

Being touched by the Ghost Girl is an instant death, and she cannot be hurt by any means. She’s much rarer to find in single player games, as the sanity decrease is significantly slower when playing alone.

There is not much that can be done against the Ghost Girl, aside from leaving the planet if you are able to. She does not seem to switch targets, meaning that a haunted player will remain haunted until the end of the round.

Lethal Company is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).



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