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Surviving the abandoned bunkers in Lethal Company is only part of making it out alive, as the outside can be equally as deadly, if not more.

The passage of time in Lethal Company is one of the most dangerous elements of the game, as the approach of nightfall brings weirder creatures out.

Some of these creatures may feel impossible to deal with, especially after that greedy second run to grab some more materials, but we have found ways to deal with some of these monsters, which you can view below:

Eyeless Dog

The Eyeless Dogs are, well, dogs with no eyes. Being blind is their main weakness, but they make up for it with incredible hearing, as well as lots of HP.

The best way to deal with an Eyeless Dog is to cease communicating with your teammates, although a Boombox is also a reasonable alternative.

Their main method of attack is to charge the player, which can be sidestepped when carrying a light load. Messing up your dodge, however, will prove fatal, as their charge kills players instantly.

Multiple Eyeless Dogs can show up at the same time, and their incredible speed makes them extremely dangerous foes. Whispering can be a desperate last measure when trying to coordinate with them present, but it’s only recommended in extremely dire situations.

Circuit Bee

Circuits Bees are some of the most territorial enemies players will find in Lethal Company‘s outside portion.

These electric bees will do all they can to protect their hive, which is worth a good chunk of money. They will attack any player who comes close, and will follow indefinitely as long as someone is carrying their hive.

Running away from the Circuit Bees is extremely difficult while heavy, and while they do take a few hits to kill the player, they attack extremely fast. If chased, it’s recommended to drop a few items on the ground to have a chance to escape.

It’s easy to mistake the Circuit Bees for other harmless insect clouds, so it’s best to make use of your scan whenever in doubt. Their electrical buzzing is a pretty distinct noise, but from far away it becomes harder to differentiate.

The best way to steal their hive is on your way out, as you can grab it and start the ship really fast if done correctly. Bringing the hive inside the ship and leaving it there for too long will cause the bees to make the ship their new home, which can only spell disaster for anyone involved.

Baboon Hawks

The Baboon Hawks are avian primates that can be found usually in large groups. Their behavior depends on the amount of players nearby, as they only strike with a number advantage.

If there are more players than Baboon Hawks, then they will simply stalk the group from afar, waiting for an opportunity to strike. An even number of Baboon Hawks and Players means they may muster up the courage to attack, but can be driven away with intimidation tactics.

Screaming at the Baboon Hawks or maintaining eye contact with them can cause them to flee in fear, although this strategy becomes less effective against larger groups.

The key to dealing with the Baboon Hawks is to always keep track of them, making sure to stick with your group to make them less likely to attack.

Forest Keeper

The Forest Keeper is possibly the most terrifying monster found outside in Lethal Company, being massive in stature, and possessing fantastic eyesight, which it uses to hunt down players.

The Forest Keepers are immune to damage and can instantly kill players by eating them. The best way to deal with the Forest Keeper is to hide from it in the middle of dense forests, breaking away from his line of sight.

Players can save their comrades from a Forest Keeper’s grab with a stun grenade, zap gun, or by teleporting them away, although all of these methods need to be timed very well. Surprisingly, the Forest Keeper can be killed, despite being immune to most forms of player damage.

The Earth Leviathan can eat the Forest Keeper, although it’s not a reliable method of dealing with him. The best way to deal with the Forest Keeper is to sneak around him and leave on the ship, as he is an incredibly deadly creature.

Earth Leviathan.

The Earth Leviathan is a massive worm that can show up out of nowhere under a player’s feet, rising above rapidly and eating everything in their way.

At the moment, not much is known about the Earth Leviathan, aside from their method of attack, which can even kill a Forest Keeper.

The best way to avoid Earth Leviathans is to immediately turn around and run away when the ground starts rumbling. It’s worth noting that the window for dodging their attack is extremely small, and requires players to be familiar with the noise and effect that it causes.

Being light on your feet is extremely important when it comes to dealing with these creatures, so it may be worth dropping your items while running, since being caught is an instant kill.

Lethal Company is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).



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