Hololive releases “Supporter Guidelines” for fans

Hololive Marine

Cover, the company behind the VTuber idols of hololive has released a set of Supporter Guidelines to help encourage positive fan behavior.

The guidelines give examples of behaviors to take when interacting the talents of hololive. This includes basic tenants such as “Support them”, “Watch over them”, and “Respect them”.

The VTubing industry, with its roots in Japan borrows heavily from idol culture. VTubing with it brings a type of fan interaction that blurs the lines between livestreamer, musician, and idol.

While hololive itself has been relatively free of drama, recent events likely encouraged the company to release these guidelines to promote healthy fan interactions.

Hello, everyone.

Online communication has increased greatly over the past few years.
People are flocking to online entertainment as a common form of leisure all around the world, and communicating across borders, genders, and generations in this new era.

And this has led to a time where various thoughts and values coexist in the same space.

Where love exists, so does hate.
It’s perfectly natural, considering that each one of us has come up in a different environment. What is obvious to one may not be obvious
to another, and this difference shows up in all kinds of ways.

While we strive to build a culture loved by all, we’re also aiming to create a world where everyone accepts that we all have different thoughts and values.

And because we do, we believe it’s important not to force those values onto others, attack them, and try to remove them from the spotlight, but rather accept those differences between us.

In order to make real, confident strides forward in this diverse world,
we have created these guidelines as a “common language”
of this new era of fandom…

In hopes that we can be a guidepost for you all.

You can read the full hololive production Supporter Guideline here.



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