Amano Pikamee announces graduation at the end of March

Amano Pikamee VOMS Project

VOMS Project star Amano Pikamee has announced that she will be “graduating” at the end of March following a special stream on March 31.

For the uninitiated, a VTuber “graduation” effectively means a retirement of the actress (or at least character!) from the industry. The term is borrowed from idol culture which usually says their talents graduate when leaving the group.

Pikamee debuted in 2019 and quickly grew her fanbase due to being fluent in both Japanese and English. It wasn’t until late 2020 that Hololive thought to reach the largely untapped English market, allowing Pikamee and other bilingual VTubers to dominate the scene.

Some fans speculate that her sudden graduation has to do with an equally sudden hiatus she took at the beginning of February. The hiatus began shortly after she announced that she would be playing Hogwarts Legacy on stream and was allegedly harassed over her decision.

Neither Pikamee herself or VOMS Project have made a statement on why Pikamee is graduating.

You can read the official statement from VOMS Project here as well as Pikamee’s personal video announcement below:

I, Amano Pikamee will end all activities at the end of this month, March 31st in Japan time.

I have been able to enjoy my VTuber activities until today. Thanks to you guys a lot for giving me love and sweet words, and VOMS Project for supporting me.

I am so sorry for shocking you guys like this. Despite all the sad things, I still have a month left so I hope we can have a lot of fun time.

Also, all content of memberships and videos/VODs already posted on the channel will be deleted on March 31st after my final stream.

Same as Twitter, the account will remain but no longer active.

Thanks to you guys a lot for giving me love and sweet words.

It was a short time, but that is all from this time. Thank you so much for watching.

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