Hololive releases Days with Ollie visual novel in Indonesian and English

Days with Ollie

Hololive has released their latest game Days with Ollie, featuring the titular Kureiji Ollie from Hololive Indonesia (ID).

In Days with Ollie, players take on the role of a reporter doing a story on the daily life of the zombie idol Kureiji Ollie from Hololive. Players will follow her throughout her day and get to see a cute side of her no one else gets to see.

You can check out the trailer below.

Hello reporter!
This is it! You’re just a step away from interviewing and living out the life with the super kawaii zombie idol! Not everyone gets a chance to hang around with THEE Kureiji Ollie, so you’re as hyped as ever!
Wonder what events will unfold from this time together?
Well maybe you’ll go on a picnic together!
Or even walk through the office together?
And… Get kidnapped by aliens?!
Join the kureiji adventures in Days with Ollie!

Come play Days With Ollie, a visual novel where you have the privilege to be the reporter on quest to report on Ollie’s day to day life!
But don’t pick the wrong choice if you don’t want to end up in the numerous bad ends!
Directed by Ollie, the scenario is available in two languages: Indonesian and English!
You can also enjoy the original BGM made for Days With Ollie!

Come now and try your luck into becoming the reporter for the super kawaii zombie idol VTuber, Kureiji Ollie!
Here, you will be tested to see if you can keep your job as a reporter while also strengthen your bond with your lovely Oshi.
It’s the visual novel where every single little action that you do matters!
Get through the chapters and get exclusive Ollie art!
Though with how picky Ollie can be, do you think you can survive Days With Ollie?

Hololive has been dipping their toes into game publishing, both with original visual novels like the recent game AQUARIUM featuring Minato Aqua, as well as their new holo indie publisher which allows fans to produce official fan-games with hololive characters.

Days with Ollie is available now on Windows PC (via Steam). The game is available in English and Indonesian, with Japanese support to be added later.



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