WOWOWOW Korone Box is out now on Steam

WOWOWOW Korone Box

The hololive fangame WOWOWOW Korone Box is available now on Steam for free.

The original fangame released a while ago online, but hololive recently started their “holo indie” initiative, allowing for fan games to become “official” with the company’s blessing. For instance Kay Yu’s recent game Holo X Break is also published under the holo indie label.

The holo indie label allows for “official” fangames and provides a set of rules for monetization that apply to these sanctioned games.

holo Indie’s objective is to cooperate with hololive production fans and creators.
It is a game brand that offers “Game Creator Support Program” for the derivative work games.
For more details about “holo Indie”, Please refer to the Cover Corp.’s “Derivative work guidelines”.

WOWOWOW Korone Box is a twin-stick shooter where players take on the role of hololive’s Korone Inugami. Korone is one of the most popular Japanese VTubers among English speaking fans. Korone regularly comes up with funny English phrases when speaking to overseas fans and fellow hololive talents, with more than a few memes spawning from them. For example her famous line “I’m die, thank you forever”.

WOWOWOW Korone Box is available now for free on Steam.

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