Good and Bad Things About UFC 5

The release of UFC 5 just a few days ago has caught the attention of sports enthusiasts, particularly those who follow UFC closely. Unlike WWE, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has carved a niche for itself, allowing players to execute unique combos as opposed to WWE video games, where players are tied to specific signature combos.

Now that UFC 5 is out in the open, there’s a buzz in the gaming circles about how it stacks up against its predecessor, UFC 4. Opinions within the gaming community vary, with some changes receiving a thumbs-up for enhancing the gameplay and others not so much, leaving fans wanting more.

Let’s delve into three aspects that set UFC 5 apart as potentially the best in the series and three areas that might send fans on a trip down memory lane to UFC Undisputed 3. If you’re a true gaming enthusiast, The Punters Page Esports Guide will help you find the best places to bet on esports events.

Positive Aspects

3. Presentation Upscaled

UFC 5 takes the presentation up a notch, capturing the pre-fight tension and anticipation as fighters gear up in the tunnel, surrounded by their teams and security personnel. The enhanced sounds and crowd reactions add to the immersive experience, creating a tangible buzz. Even without the entry theme song, it’s an undeniable step up from UFC 4. And of course, Hasbulla is there.

2. A Grittier, Bloodier Experience

The UFC franchise has never shied away from the gritty reality of blood and cuts in the octagon, and UFC 5 elevates this aspect of the game. The wounds are rendered more realistically, with blood and sweat effects given more prominence. Blood spatter during knockouts adds an authentic touch, while the commentators’ real-time reactions to injuries make for a more immersive experience.

1. Enhanced Multiplayer Mode

Arguably the highlight of UFC 5, the multiplayer mode promises endless hours of competitive fun. Seasoned players of the series are in for a treat with the return of Blitz mode, a challenging tournament requiring six consecutive victories to clinch the trophy. What’s more, players can now set unique rules for each match, adding an extra layer of excitement to the multiplayer experience.

Areas for Improvement

3. Camera Work Needs Attention

One glaring issue in UFC 5 is the camera’s erratic behavior during fights. Unexpected shifts to the audience can result in fighters inadvertently ending up in submissive positions when the focus returns to the octagon, which could potentially alter the outcome of a match. This is a critical aspect that the developers need to address to prevent it from becoming a deal-breaker.

2. Submissions Need Fine-Tuning

While the health bar for submissions is a good feature, the game falters when a fighter’s stamina drops to zero. At this point, if caught in a submission hold, the fighter immediately taps out, foregoing the gritty struggle typically seen in real-life situations. This oversight detracts from the game’s realism and is an area ripe for improvement.

1. Career Mode Stagnation

UFC 5’s career mode is virtually indistinguishable from that of UFC 4, with even the menu layouts remaining unchanged. It’s disappointing to see such a lack of innovation in a franchise backed by a major development company like Electronic Arts. The game regrettably retains the same lackluster voices, tutorial fights, and repetitive cut scenes, all of which are areas that were ripe for a revamp.

In summary, while UFC 5 brings some notable improvements to the table, particularly in terms of presentation and multiplayer gameplay, it also has its fair share of issues that need addressing. The stagnant career mode and need for improvements in camera work and submissions highlight that there’s still work to be done to make this the ultimate UFC gaming experience.



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