Future League of Legends Champion Appears to be Inspired by Devil May Cry

League of Legends Dante

Riot Games have announced their Champion Roadmap for June 2020, including hinting at a new champion may be similar to Dante from Devil May Cry.

The roadmap details the upcoming VGUs (Visual and Gameplay Update to characters ). These apply to a champion (character) being reworked, relaunched, and brand new characters. Riot Games are planning to “try and release at least six new champions a year—one for each position, with the exception of mid lane, where we’re targeting two.”

Three of these new characters include “A dreamy jungler, masked assassin, and thrill-seeking marksman.” It should be noted that jungler, assassin, and marksman are all classes of champions.

The roadmaps hints at the nature of all the heroes (with the first two coming “in a big summer event coming next month”), but most intriguing of all is the last one.

Calling All Thrill-Seekers

Do you like to laugh in the face of danger? Do you enjoy stringing together abilities, creating stylish new combos? Does the idea of diving straight into the fray, firing a whirlwind of blades and bullets, then hopping back out with a sliver of health excite you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we may be releasing just the champion for you. A new marksman, dressed to slay, coming later this year.”

Editor’s Note: Image hosted by Riot Games.

The post includes the animated gif akin to a Devil May Cry Stylish Rank, increasing from F through A and S. While the description also fits Dante’s personality, we do not believe he is appearing as a guest character.

Firstly, the Stylish Rank begins at D, and ends at SSS. Next, the rose symbol and petals are not typically associated with Dante. The closest would be the character Nero, though his rose motif was downplayed in Devil May Cry 5 compared to Devil May Cry 4.

Nero is also unlikely to be a guest character; being less well-known as Dante, and his color scheme being primarily blue (as oppose to the red seen in the Stylish Rank gif).

We believe it is more likely the character will be highly inspired by Dante and the Devil May Cry series, gaining power or other bonuses as certain attacks chain together, or with multiple kills. League of Legends is not know for its guest characters, but there may be a surprise in the future.

When Brian Hanford- the voice actor for V in Devil May Cry 5- gave certain comments in an interview, many assumed he had leaked that Dante was going to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

Hanford insisted he had no idea if any such arrangement had been made, and the next DLC character at the time was revealed to be Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Nonetheless, fans have held out hope that Dante be one of the six additional DLC fighters coming to the game.

League of Legends is available on Windows PC, and Mac (via the official website), and is free to play.

Image: BritGamer, Know Your Meme, Devil May Cry Fandom wiki

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