Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023 Horde Rush Quest Guide

Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023 Horde Rush

Fortnite’s new PvE Halloween mode is here, as part of the Fortnitemares 2023 event, so we prepared an easy-to-follow guide to help you deal with the Horde Rush quests.

Players have roughly three weeks to finish up the horde rush quests, and these can be slightly challenging if you don’t have a lot of experience with these game modes.

Below you can view the quest list, rewards, and our recommended method of finishing each quest.

  • Complete 1 Horde Rush Quest to earn the The Murk Wrap.
  • Complete 4 Horde Rush Quests to earn the Heart-o-Lantern Emoticon.
  • Complete 7 Horde Rush Quests to earn the Batwing Bonespike Pickaxe.

Earn a x40 KO Streak:

Starting off with an easy one, this quest requires you to kill 40 monsters in a short period of time. The best time to do this is between survival rounds, as the map forces you to run while killing monsters.

A shotgun is recommended as your main weapon to attempt this, as it can kill most of the monsters in one shot, letting you continue your streak unbothered.

If you think running away and killing 40 monsters during waves is too much to juggle, you can also do this at the last survival wave, which has plenty of Cube Monsters for you to kill.

Deal melee damage to Cube Monster spawners:

This one requires some teamwork to do at once, but you can also chip away at it whenever you see an opening. During the Horde Rush event, multiple cubes will come out of the ground to spawn monsters.

These cubes have a decent amount of health, so you’ll need a friend to distract the Cube Monsters while you chip away at their spawn locations. Destroying roughly three or four of these should do the trick if you manage to do all of the damage yourself.

Upgrade weapons at an upgrade bench in Horde Rush:

Cube Monsters will drop these purple shards that let you upgrade your weapons during the Horde Rush waves. The cost of upgrading your weapons increases with each rarity, so it’s recommended to upgrade different weapons if you want to complete this quest fast.

In this mode, however, it’s a safer bet to put all of your eggs in one basket, and we personally recommend that you stick to only upgrading two different weapons per Horde Rush match.

It’s up to the player if they want to complete the quest as soon as possible or have a better chance at clearing the mode.

Assist in collecting score multipliers:

Purple shards can be found around Cube Monster spawns, which will increase your score multiplier. They can be found pretty early in the Horde Rush matches, but require you to go into the belly of the beast, the cube monster spawners.

Hopping into a Horde Rush match solo and collecting them during the first round is your best bet, as you can just retry if you die while trying to collect them.

Assist in opening chests in Horde Rush:

Chests are found in safe locations that you have to defend during the Horde Rush’s survival waves. It takes quite a while to open that many chests, especially since you have to share them with your team, so this one requires multiple playthroughs.

Cube Monster spawners are also guaranteed to drop a rare chest upon being destroyed, but they take a long time to open, so mind your surroundings while searching for chests.

Help defeat the Boss in the final stage of Horde Rush:

This is possibly the hardest quest, because it requires a lot of cooperation. The last boss during the Horde Rush mode is no joke, and requires your team to be really good.

Make sure your guns are leveled up and save your explosives for this fight if you can, as well as Ripsaw Launcher ammo.

Hit headshots on Cube Monsters from at least 15 meters away:

This one can be a bit difficult depending on your aim, but it’s definitely not impossible. Building is available during Horde Rush, so all you have to do is build to a high spot and pick off Cube Monsters from above.

Building away from spawns is your best bet, so you can sit up high and carefully aim your shots. Weapons like the assault rifle aren’t recommended for this because of their high recoil, so we recommend the pistol for this quest.

Eliminate Cube Monsters using explosives:

Dynamite is plentiful in the Horde Rush mode, so a good strategy is to throw a bunch of dynamite right in front of the Cube Monster spawns, so they walk into the blast.

The timing can be a bit tricky, but after a few shots you’ll get the hang of it just fine. The mythical explosive bow is also another alternative, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll find it due its mythical rarity.

Accumulate team points:

This one requires a few runs, but should be the easiest one because the points are cumulative. Score multipliers and getting quick kills will definitely be your best strategies when trying to complete this quest.

Simply play a few matches and do your best to get a high multiplier. Even if you lose it’s quite easy to get at least 100,000 points, so you’ll be able to finish this with a few playthroughs.

That’s about it for our Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023 Horde Rush quest guide. Hopefully you managed to do all quests without much trouble and are now able to enjoy your rewards.

If you want to get more rewards, consider reading our guide for the Fortnitemares 2023 quests.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

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